Site Supervisor Information

Supervisor Qualifications & Requirements

Supervision is an important part of the training process for both HPC 5900 and HPC 6900. In both Practicum in Counseling and Internship in CMHC, students will receive individual/triadic supervision once a week from an on-site supervisor (the supervisor of record) for 15 weeks for each site. They will receive, on average, 1 ½ to 3 hours of group supervision from the university supervisor. Additionally, they will receive, on average, 1 hr. of individual/triadic supervision a week from the university supervisor in HPC 5900, and additional individual/triadic supervision may be mandated in HPC 6900. Because of the importance of supervision, certain qualifications and responsibilities are required of both the on-site supervisor and the university supervisor. Students also have specific responsibilities to their site, their on-site supervisor, their clients, the CMHC program, and their university supervisor.  These responsibilities are located elsewhere in this manual.

On-Site Supervisors must have: 

  1. a minimum of a master’s degree, preferably in counseling or a related profession.
    1. relevant certifications and/or licenses. 
    2. a minimum of two years of pertinent professional experience in the specialty area in which the student is enrolled. 
    3. knowledge of the program’s expectations, requirements, and evaluation procedures for students.
    4. relevant training in counseling supervision. 

For a more thorough explanation of site supervisor responsibilities, please see the Clinical Field Experience Manual (PDF, 1.7 MB).

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